"Learn how to go from being broke in the Bedroom to creating the most amazing sexually intimate relationships.  

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Day Adeogba

CEO of YDBG Inc | Balance Lifestyle Coach

3D The Boss Choreographer

3D The Boss Lead Singer | Balance Lifestyle Coach

Chanda Leigh


Erica Strayhorn

"The program flows into my confidence, the things I create, my relationship with my husband, family, friends, and co-workers. It is all connected because it stems from the feeling of self-worth and I am so grateful for the 3 Stand Up Moves."

Nancy Jamison

"I have been using this program for years and it shows up in everything.  It has helped heal my headaches and UTI's from learning to love myself.  It has created intimate communication, vulnerability, and juicy connections in my marriage."  

100% FREE -  Seating is Limited!

"It has essentially given me my life back.  It has given me a sense of love, joy, peace, and emotional stability.  It has brought a smile back to my face.  It has taught me that there isn't a need to suffer anymore."

Day and Chanda bring a very unique mix to the world of personal development. Day has been in the personal development business as a lifestyle coach and transformation specialist for over 23 years. 

Chanda has been an award-winning artist in the music business for over 25 years.  10 years ago, Chanda enrolled in the program that Day created after experiencing a divorce that all but eroded her self-worth.  3 years later, Chanda and Day started a health and fitness pop group with a whole new purpose.  

As Day and Chanda worked on developing the Pop group, they started designing a relationship that was built on trust, accountability, and deep intimate connections.  7 years later, Day and Chanda have developed a unique program that has impacted and transformed the intimate lives of many singles and couples through Music, Fitness and Abundant Loving. 

Day usually charges $6000 - $12,000 to work with clients personally but this training reveals the exact same methods for FREE! Register today for the live Web Class.  Your life can no longer wait. 

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  • Learn why your sexual intimacy is destroying you. 

  • Learn how to become abundant lovers.
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